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When you activate a Web1on1 subscription (Plan), you buy a monthly quota of Chatpoints that's used to pay for all your services in Web1on1. In this article, you can read how that works.

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      What Are Chatpoints?

      Chatpoints are a revolutionary new way for your company to benefit from all the products and services offered by Web1on1 without having to worry whether they're included in your subscription. The reason is that ALL services are included in ALL subscriptions! 

      You can use our software to engage contacts in chats across any channel, such as Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, email or Video Call. If you activate Web1on1 agents and chatbots, each time they successfully complete a chat that brings value to your business, a number of Chatpoints will be charged to your plan.

      If you or your staff handle chats yourselves, Chatpoints will be charged only for the number of unique visitors you engage with each month.

      With Web1on1, you will pay only where our software and solutions are positively IMPACTING your business processes, so you don’t need to worry about unused licenses or expensive add-ons. 

      What Chatpoints Plans Can I Choose From?

      There are three standard plans to choose from, depending on the size of your business:

      Base: Our starter plan for smaller businesses contains 250 Chatpoints.

      Grow: For growing businesses, this plan contains 3,000 Chatpoints.

      Scale: Larger businesses can benefit from this 12,000 Chatpoints plan.

      For more detailed information, see Chatpoints Plans.

      How Can I Use My Chatpoints?

      Each time you engage a new prospect in a chat, two Chatpoints will be charged to your account. Each contact is known as an MEC, or Monthly Engaged Contact. This means that up to 125 MECs per month can be included in the Base plan, up to 1,500 in the Grow plan and up to 6,000 in the Scale subscription.

      Additionally, Chatpoints will be charged each time a valuable lead is generated, such as a quotation request or a test drive appointment.  And finally, if you go over your Chatpoint allocation, you'll only pay a small amount for each additional Chatpoint used.

      Completed chats can be very diverse, varying anything from a generated lead to a service appointment. Here are some examples:

      • Web1on1 agent books a test drive appointment;
      • Chatbot sends a lead to your CRM system;
      • Web1on1 agent books a service appointment;
      • Chatbot sends a service appointment reminder via WhatsApp;
      • Web1on1 agent helps a website visitor find information on your website;
      • Chatbot sends a payment link to your customer;
      • Chatbot links a contact with your DMS-system contact-id;
      • Engaging a contact by your own service or sales teams.

      What Are The Benefits of Chatpoints?

      In developing our pricing model, we kept these principles in mind:

      1. You pay according to the impact and value of the service, keeping us focused on helping you succeed;
      2. You benefit as your business grows, with lower prices as your commitment rises;
      3. There are no premium features, meaning that every part of our service is available to all clients from the start.

      In short – this is how we like to do business ourselves!

      Chatpoints Plans






      Monthly Fee

      € 99

      €  499

      €  1,499


      Included Chatpoints





      Extra Chatpoints

      € 0.18

      € 0.14

      € 0.13


      Chatpoints Ratecard



      Engaged contacts per month (MEC), unlimited chats





      Leads (Sales)


      Test-drive appointment



      Video Call Appointment



      Showroom visit appointment



      Quotation request



      Request for information



      Trade-in valuation



      Bookings (Aftersales)



      Workshop appointment



      WhatsApp Service Appointment reminder



      Support Chats


      Information shared



      Request for action





      Leads to CRM



      MQL to SQL lead



      WhatsApp Concierge Bot



      Topic selection (IVR / Pre-chat capture bot)



      WhatsApp Standard Reply



      CSAT bot



      Chatpoints to Cost Example

      So what will I pay, you ask? Well, it depends on your payment plan, of course. Here is an example:

      Scenario: You are subscribed to the Grow Plan and have already used your 3,000 monthly Chatpoint quota. Additional Chatpoints are €0.14.

      Example 1: A Web1on1 agent books a test drive appointment

      • A test drive appointment booked by a Web1on1 agent = 65 Chatpoints
      • Calculation: 65 x €  0.14 = € 9.10
      • On the Base plan, you would have been charged: 65 x €  0.18 = € 11.70 

      Example 2: A chatbot books a test drive appointment

      • A test drive appointment booked by a chatbot = 40 Chatpoints
      • Calculation: 40 x € 0.14 = € 5.60 
      • On the Base plan, you would have been charged: 40 x € 0.18 = €7.20 

      Example 3:  Your service team is messaging with clients via WhatsApp Business

      Example: A service advisor messaged an additional 50 contacts this month using WhatsApp instead of telephone.

      • Calculation: 50 additional MEC contacts x € 0.28 (p/MEC) = € 14.

      What Will That Look Like on my Invoice?

      On your invoice, you will see:

      1. Your Plan (Base / Grow / Scale or Custom)
      2. (if applicable) Additional Chatpoints used / Overage 

      How Do I Know How I've Used My Chatpoints?

      In the Billing section in the Web1on1 messaging platform, we keep a log of all completed chats sent to you. You can check this report and download a CSV spreadsheet containing all your  chats to validate your invoice.


      WhatsApp Pricing

      WhatsApp Business prices change in 2023 - click here for more info

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