WhatsApp - 1i Automotive Service Appointment Reminder Bot

This article will help you set up the Whatsapp Service Appointment Reminder Bot with 1i Automotive

Cost: For each use of this Chatbot, 1 Chatpoint will be billed

This bot will make sure that every one of your customers with an upcoming Service Appointment booking will be reminded of that via WhatsApp. At the same time, starting that Service chat with assigned Service Advisor.


Before you get started configuring the WhatsApp Service Appointment Reminder Bot in Web1on1, please collect the following:

  1. Creating credentials to connect Web1on1 with 1i Automotive

  2. Creating the WhatsApp message/template

  3. Know your 1i Automotive Establishment ID's

1. Linking 1i Automotive and Web1on1

To connect the 1i Automotive planner with Web1on1, you need to fill in

  • Username

  • Password

Please ask your contact person of 1i Automotive for your Username & Password.

‎‎‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎2. Creating a WhatsApp Message Template

As an admin user, go to your Content Library - WA Templates and click on the + button at the right bottom. 

You can use the info below to create a message or adjust to your needs.

  • Name: 1i_reminder

  • Category: Appointment update 

  • Language: language of the message

  • Header: None

  • Content: See the examples below (you could copy and paste)

  • Footer: None

  • Button: Quick reply: I will be there


English examples

Hi {{contact.givenName}},

You have a service appointment tomorrow at {{PlanTime}} for your car with license plate {{RegistrationNumber}} at our location in {{City}}. Please click the button below to confirm.

Greetings Demo Dealer,

Quick reply: I will be there


Dear {{contact.name}},

This is a reminder of your service appointment on {{PlanDate}} at {{PlanTime}}. The appointment takes place in {{location}}. Would you like us to keep you informed via WhatsApp?

Quick reply: Yes, please

Quick reply: No, thank you

Dutch examples

Beste {{contact.givenName}},

U heeft bij ons een afspraak morgen om {{PlanTime}} voor uw {{Brand}} met kenteken {{RegistrationNumber}} op onze locatie in {{City}}. Klik op de button hieronder om deze te bevestigen

Groeten Demo Dealer,

Quick reply: Ik ben er morgen


Beste {{contact.name}},

Dit is een herinnering voor je werkplaatsafspraak op {{PlanDate}} om {{PlanTime}}. De afspraak vindt plaats bij {{location}}.Wilt u op de hoogte gehouden worden via WhatsApp?

Hi {{contact.givenName}},

Quick reply: Ja, graag

Quick reply: Nee, dank je

1I Automotive variables 

You can use the following 1I Automotive variables in the Whatsapp Service Appointment Reminder Bot

  • {{contact.name}}: John Doe

  • {{contact.givenName}}: John

  • {{PlanDate}}: 01-01-2022

  • {{PlanTime}}: 10:00

  • {{location}}: Testdealer, Mainstreet 12, 2356AB, London

  • {{City}}: London

  • {{Reception}}: “Name Service advisor” OR if empty “Service reception”

  • {{RegistrationNumber}}: 1234AB

  • {{Brand}}: Audi

‏‏3. Get your 1i Automotive Establishment IDs‎ ‎

When activating the 1i Automotive Appointment Reminder Bot, you might want to pilot it with 1 or 2 locations. In order to do so, you need to fill in the 1i Automotive establishment ID’s in the configuration form. After activating the bot, you can ask him to show you a list of all available location IDs. Go to chatbots → click the chat bubble off the 1i Automotive WhatsApp Service Appointment Reminders. See the video below.


4. Link your locations to Team Inboxes

It's crucial that, if clients respond to WhatsApp appointment reminders, these incoming messages are routed directly to the right team inbox so that the relevant service advisors are notified. Please click here to see how you can set up your locations & departments and connect them to the relevant team inboxes of Web1on1.


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