Data Storage and Hosting Policy

This Web1on1 Hosting Policy describes the Web1on1 practices regarding data storage and hostings and shall serve as an official reference concerning our data safety

For the purpose of this document, hosting shall mean storing, hosting or replicating of Service Data including for archival, backup and log purposes. All other terms referred to in this document shall be understood in line with definitions introduced by Terms and Conditions.

Web1on1 provides a possibility to store data in two independent locations, both within EEA/EU, one located in the other placed on the territory the Netherlands. Due to security reasons, Web1on1 shall not provide a detailed information concerning data storage centers.

Hosting and Data Safety

Web1on1 has adopted security controls and practices for hosting centers that are designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Customer’s content that is hosted by Web1on1 and to protect Customer’s content, personal data as well as any other data related to the license from any unauthorized processing activities such as loss or unlawful destruction of data.

Web1on1 continually works to strengthen and improve those security controls and practices. Web1on1 database servers are hosted in a data center operated by a third-party vendor. Web1on1 maintains complete administrative control over the servers, and no third-party vendors have logical access to customer data. Furthermore, Web1on1 maintains an inventory of all media on which customer data is stored. Access to the inventories of such media is restricted to authorized personnel.

Processing the Personal Data by Web1on1 is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and also with the UK GDPR. This includes compliance with requirements that Personal Data transferred from the EEA to other countries where Web1on1 or its third party service providers operate is adequately protected.

Web1on1 ensures that it signed and shall continue to sign Data Processing Addendums with all vendors with access to personal data. What is more, in selecting third party providers who may gain access to, store, transmit or use customer data, Provider conducts a quality and security assessment pursuant to the provisions of its standard operating procedures. Web1on1 provides an up-to-date list of Sub-processors available here. We take care to use only reputable and secure suppliers. Furthermore, Web1on1 computing environments are routinely tested to ensure that in case of any data safety breach we are able to restore potential data loss. More detailed explanation concerning data safety and privacy may be accessed here.

Location Policy Details

Type of data

Storage Location Policy

License credentials

By default your license is stored on the territory of European Union (Belgium).


By default your Result forms is stored on the territory of European Union (Belgium).

Conversations content

By default your Conversations content is stored on the territory of European Union (Belgium).

Analytic data (related to particular license)

Stored in line with the choice of License storage.

Backups of data stored on the EU region

Storage Center located in the Netherlands. 

Data retention period

By default, conversation messages, results, reports and associated metadata older than 18 months are automatically and permanently deleted.  Personal information contained in contact forms is also deleted unless the visitor has re-engaged in a conversation in the meantime, although their older messages will be deleted.

Alternatively, we allow you to set your own data retention period upon request.

Further information is found in our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and our Data Protection Agreement.