Why you should not use a shared user account

Operational and technical reasons not to share user account

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Since your company is paying per user license it may be tempting to share an account using not a personal account but a team account. Like support@ or Sales@. 

We advise against this.

Not just for commercial reasons, but mostly technical and operational. Lastly, we will not handle support cases of this use-case.

Operational reasons against sharing account with multiple people.

You will lose important data insights / reporting capabilities. You will no longer know who is engaging with the system at what time.

Your reporting and dashboarding will be corrupted.

Technical reasons against account sharing:

Erratic behavior

The system will behave erratic when different people use the same account (especially when using at the same time); having different inbox enabled next time you login, being thrown out too when your colleague logs out, not having a personal recent list, getting conversations active or closed whenever your colleague accepts or closes, and so on.

Mobile app will not work as intended

The system is designed to synchronize activity across all of a person's devices, so users sharing an account perceive a broken system and don't receive full value.

Terms breach

Finally, it is a breach of our Terms and Acceptable use policy.

Conclusion: Do not share user accounts.

You get what you pay for.