Data - Number of chats to expect from your website visitors

Use our calculator to estimate how many chats and leads you can expect

You may be curious to know how many of your website visitors will start a live chat once you deploy the chat widget on your site. We are happy to help you calculate that number.

To be able to do so, we first need to figure out the number of monthly website visitors.

How to find your visitor numbers in Google Analytics

  1. Log into Google Analytics

  2. Navigate to: (1) Audience then (2) Active users



  3. Make sure you filter data on 28 days, or a calendar month.



Pro-tip: If you want to rule out seasonality effects, select a year. Divide that number by 12 months to derive at a weighted average monthly visitor count.


This is the number you can use in our calculator. It will give you an indication of the chats and leads you may expect.

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