Use your own email address with Web1on1

You can send and receive emails from within the Web1on1 platform using your own domain. Here's how to set it up.

Web1on1 uses the email delivery service Mailgun to send and receive external email addresses with your domain.  To configure the service, you will first need to create a Mailgun account and add your domain before configuring it in Web1on1.

Step 1: Create a Mailgun account

  1. Create an account via Mailgun by going to the sign-up page.   Note, Mailgun is a paid-for service.
  2. Add your own domain or sub-domain into your Mailgun account. You can use a domain, although we would recommend choosing a sub-domain such as  conversations.<yourdomain>.com.  You can decide on what the full email address should be later.
    More on how to add a domain in Mailgun 
  3. After successfully adding the domain, you will see the DNS (Domain Name System) records of your domain. See screenshot below how this page looks. 
    Add your domain DNS records into your DNS provider's system. Your IT team can do this for you.

  4. After adding your DNS records to your DNS provider's system all records should be verified. See screenshot above (green marked). 

      Step 2: Configure your account in the Web1on1 platform

      1. Check your Mailgun API key. See image below to locate this in your Mailgun account.

      2. Now login into the Web1on1 platform and go to your organization.
      3. Now is the time to decide what your full mail address should be to go with your domain or sub-domain. For example, you can choose to configure info@ before your domain or sub-domain, to create the email address Be sure that the part after @ is the same as you have chosen in step 2 of the Mailgun setup.
      4. From the navigation, go to Channels and click on the email integration. Then click on Own domain.

      5. Fill out your Mailgun API key you copied in step 1.
      6. Fill out the email domain you configured in Mailgun.
      7. Fill out the full email address you configured in step 3 above.
      8. Click Create Service
      9. Done! 

      You can now send emails to your customers from the message stream.