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Webwidget - Design and Options listing

Additional options for configuring your Web Widget

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Default widget options (text, images, and colors can always be changed)

The default Widget button will either look like this: 

Or as a horizontal tab, like this: 

However, it is also possible to create a customized widget. When you create your own Widget, we can then use this on your website. This means that everything is possible, of example:

It is also possible to style your own widget by using CSS. Since we are able to insert your CSS created widget into our software, meaning this CSS styled widget can be used on your website. 

Live Chat script can be added hard-coded in the <head> section of the website OR it can be added by adding the script into a Google Tag Manager

Most relevant Web Widget options

Opening the widget after certain time

First off, opening the widget after a certain time a visitor visits the website. The time after which the widget opens can be adjusted to your wishes. For example;  when a visitor is 30 seconds on your website, the widget will open up, making it clear that help is available.

Attention grabber

You can also make use of an attention grabber above the widget, this will increase your conversion. If the attention grabber is not needed, it can also be disabled. 

Optimize different pages

Optimize your conversion by changing settings for certain pages. For example, use different messages/attention grabber texts when a visitor is on a vehicle detail page. The visitor is apparently further in his buyer’s journey, so it could be helpful to show different texts.

Rate conversation

To get insight in how your visitors experience the conversation, you can let them rate it(CSAT). Consumer Satisfaction will make the widget show a web view to rate the conversation. This happens when there are messages in the conversation and the widget is manually closed by the customer. You can enable this from your Botstore - find out how here.

Events in your Google Analytics

It is possible to receive Widget Events in your Google Analytics 4 account. Analyzing the widget performance would be very easy this way. For more information, visit our Chat Results in Google Analytics section.

Alternative ways to use/open the widget

There are other ways to make use of the widget, you can for example embed the widget in a page, so it's always easily accessible, and the visitor doesn't have to open it manually.

You can also make use of buttons or links on your website to open the widget

Using bots in your widget

We have multiple bots you can set up in such a way that the bot will start once the widget is opened. For example, you can initiate:

Test drive bot

Showroom appointment bot

Video call

Tip: You can also start a bot immediately when a visitor visits a certain page


You can find almost all examples of how to configure the Chat Widget on this page.

Need help?  Contact our Support Team via our Help Center Chatbot


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