Live Chat - Collecting feedback (CSAT)

Initiate a customer satisfaction ratings form in the widget to collect feedback from your visitors

At the end of a chat, it's good to know that the person you were chatting with is happy with the service they received from your live chat service.

By using our special bot to automatically add a piece of code to your web widget, you can initiate a customer feedback rating request at the point the visitor manually closes the chat window.

Additionally, you also have the opportunity to invite the visitor to provide a Google review if they give you a five-star rating.

Keep in mind that for the feedback form to activate both the contact and the agent should have sent at least one message.

To install the customer satisfaction bot, go to your Botstore in the messaging platform.

Step 1. Locate the CSAT bot, and click the Hire  button.

Select CSAT bot

Step 2: Activate the bot – you can choose to either leave the default text as it is, customize the text or translate into your own language if you wish.  You can easily edit the fields later.

By adding the url to the Google Reviews of your business, customers who give you a five-star rating will automatically be invited to submit a Google review. How do I find my Google Review link?

When finished, click the ACTIVATE Bot button (or SAVE if you've already activated the bot previously).


That's it!

Where can I find my Google Review url?

Firstly, you will need to be signed in as an administrator of your business on Google to be able to edit your company as it appears if you search for it there. On your company details page, you will find a link to Get more reviews (see below).


Clicking on the link will open up a window showing you the URL your customers can use to leave a review. That's the Google Review URL which you can use.

google_reviews2What does the visitor see?

If a Google review link hasn't been added, after closing a chat, the visitor will see a pop-up window where they can rate the chat and leave a feedback comment if they wish:


Where can I see the visitor's rating?

The rating and any comments made by the visitor will appear in the chat in your messaging platform.


What happens if a visitor gives a 5* rating?

If the Google Review url has been added to the CSAT bot, the visitor will see a button to submit a Google review:. The 5* rating will also be added to the conversation.


Disabling the CSAT bot

If you wish to switch off the customer satisfaction bot, go to Chatbots (1) → My Bots and click the Enabled (2) slider to the off position.

Disable the bot



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