Basics - Web1on1 Mobile App

Use Web1on1 on your mobile phone with our no hassle progressive web app

You can access the Web1on1 live chat service via mobile users using our progressive web app that doesn't require any downloads from an app store and there's no need to install anything. Just log into Web1on1 via your mobile browser and add the link to your homepage.


Advantage of a Progressive Web Apps? No app installation needed

How to add a shortcut to your mobile home screen

For Android users

Go to on your Android mobile, and you will be prompted to add Web1on1 to your home screen. Follow instructions in this video:

For Apple users

Follow instructions on the following gif:


Features of the Web1on1 Mobile App

Once installed, you'll be able to:

  1. Participate in assigned chats

  2. Start chats with a known contact

  3. Switch from text chat (Web chat/WhatsApp) to a Video Call


Get notifications

Web1on1 will notify you of incoming chats and messages, even when you're logged out of the app. Note that you if you log out of your desktop app you will be simultaneously logged out of the web app. Make sure you've activated Mobile Push Notifications in your mobile phone. Head over to: Settings > Preferences (footer menu) and Switch on: Inbox notification.

To activate Mobile Push Notifications, make sure you add your phone number in your profile settings.


Android - push notifications

If you're using an Android phone, you'll receive push notifications for:

  • Incoming chats delivered to your personal inbox.

  • New messages of active chats

Apple - SMS notification

If you're an iPhone user, you'll receive SMS notifications for:

  • Incoming chats delivered to your personal inbox.

  • New messages of active chats


Start Video

The Web1on1 mobile App allows you to switch to a video call while chatting with a client or prospect. It's better to show than tell, right?

You can start a video chat from the + menu.


Follow chats

You can follow chats and get notified every time the client sends a message, regardless of whether the client talks to you. By clicking the yellow star icon, you can follow (and unfollow) chats.




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