Result delivery explained


I've realized I'm a little in the dark about the processes you use to get the chat data to clients. Could you give me an overview please? I understand that individual client employees can view chats from within Web1on1, but how are they alerted to the fact a lead is waiting for them? 

Customer Service: Correct, this can be done in multiple ways.

  1. A result can be emailed to a user

  2. Result data can be sent automatically to a business system (e.g. CRM system) 



Can a chat/completed form be emailed to a client, or sent into a CRM system at any given point in the user journey?




If so, how does an operator say 'this chat is now a lead'? What processes are/can be activated then?

CS: There are 2 options:

  1. A form (tagged with lead) can be submitted

  2. A tag can be added to the chat

FORM/Chat DATA is then processed to (client specific) or webhook.



Can a chat/completed form be marked as a lead, and be sent to a holding area in CS for checking by a supervisor before being sent?

Yes, 2 options: 

  1. @mention a supervisor

  2. Assign lead to a supervisor inbox



Are my email/API authentication details kept inside the CS admin panel, so data is automatically transferred without agent intervention?

CS: Yes



If we wanted a lead to go straight into our own lead generation platform for processing there (as we do now), could we trigger the API upon a chat being tagged as a lead?

CS: Yes 


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