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With the Proactive Aiding System certain knowledge or instructions are pushed when this is relevant to a specific situation

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Before: Query, Now: Proactive Aiding

Traditionally knowledge base systems will surface content triggered by a user query.

Web1on1 added Proactive Aiding, pushing knowledge or instructions on specific system interactions when it is most relevant.

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Proactive Aiding—Use Cases

Article pushing can be used for communicating instructions or suggesting utterances.

Use case: Communicate company-wide info

Example: Pushed on Joining a chat

Type: Suggested message

Title: Our Bradford branch is closed for maintenance

Our Bradford Branch in closed for maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will be up and running in a few days.

Other Join-push examples:

  • Tone of voice instructions

  • Service interruptions

  • Company News

Use case: Communicate special offer

Example: Pushed on Category select: Leasing

Type: Suggested message

Title: Interest rate 0% - pushed on leasing category selected

When signing a private lease contract before x, you will profit from 0% interest rate. Please check terms, to see if you qualify.

Use case: Communicate Form conditions

Example: Pushed on Form select: Private Lease Quotation

Type: Instruction

Title: Important: Age-check needed

Age limit for private lease is 75 years, make sure you check your prospect's age. Push notifications can be used to suggest message text, but also for instructions. Pushed on Form select.

Use case: Instruction on follow-up actions

Example: Pushed on Form Submit

Type: Instruction

Title: Send promotion code

Thank you for submitting, don't forget to communicate the promotion code: summer2020. Your client will profit from a 20% discount on their next order.

Other Form Submit push articles:

  • Reminder to trigger CSAT chatbot

  • Book follow-up task

  • Suggest additional product / service.

Use case: Tagging Intents and pushing Approaches

Are you using tagging in chats for reporting or intent registration? Tagging can be combined with pushing articles. For example, to recognize (and tag) a Contact's intent and to display a conversational Approach.

Example: Pushed on #Tagging

Type: Instruction

Title: Approach to #open

This is what the card could look like to reflect a Conversational Approach:

  • Where would they like to come by for a visit?

  • >locations for opening times

  • Interested in a specific car? Ask smart questions to clarify the context. Do not overdo this; visitor = seriously interested

  • Not interested in a specific car yet? Ask smart questions to determine demands.

  • Steer chat towards  showroom visit

  • Lead? Ask for name, address, telephone number, email + mandatory fields

Adding push triggers to articles

To add a push trigger to an article; navigate to:  Knowledge > Select (or add) an article. Set a trigger by selecting a system-event specifying a trigger. Then: Save.


5 types of triggers

Web1on1 supports 5 types of Push triggers.





Join / Accept

Article pushed when joining a chat



Article pushed when a specified category is set



Article pushed on form select



Article pushed on form submit



Adding a specified #tag, will trigger article push


Can push articles be used for suggesting replies / messages?

The article push (aka Proactive Aiding system) feature is an implementation of the following design goals:

  • keep the backchannel clean by enabling more granular surfacing of articles;

  • recommended: one event, trigger one article;

  • trigger on chat join, category select, form added, tag added, result send (not on fields)

It is optimized for step-by-step instructions, for the steps leading up to filling the form, one instruction at a time:

  1. join chat → surface article "Informal style for this customer"

  2. select category "Selling" -> surface article "Attention points when selling a house"

  3. select form "Put in a bid" -> surface article "Instructions for the bidding form"

  4. (…slot-filling chatbot kicks in to further guide agents field-by-field)

The article push feature was never designed to spoon-feed literal answers to agents after selecting a form; that function is better served by a slot-filling chatbot (agent-assist or direct-to-consumer).


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