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(Additional services) Impact Program

Work with a dedicated team of Web1on1 messaging experts in this intensive six-month program to implement, optimize, analyze and reach your chat lead generation objectives.

Every day, you drive thousands of visitors to your website. But how do you know you're maximizing their potential? How can you be sure you're monetizing that traffic effectively? The answer is to engage with your potential customers at the point they're most motivated - when they're browsing your website. And to do that effectively a chat widget and WhatsApp Business buttons will do the trick.

Staffing your virtual showroom is more than just adding a widget to your website. You need to offer an optimal 'always on' user experience, a 24-hours a day, 365 days a year service that maximizes the generation of sales leads.

We're here to help you achieve that goal. Do you need guaranteed impact as fast as possible? Let us help you with our structured six-month Impact Program.

This is what the program focus will look like:

  1. Kick-off meeting
  2. Live Chat leads
  3. WhatsApp leads
  4. Chatbots leads
  5. Chat optimisation
  6. Onboard your staff*
  7. Lead generation objective reached
  8. Next impact

Program goals: 

Time frame


0-30 days

30-60 days

60-90 days

90-180 days



Live Chat Activation


WhatsApp Business Application

WhatsApp Business Activation


Conversion optimization (chatbots / CTAs)

Onboarding your own team to chat (Optional) 

Optimize (based on data)


Program introduction and initial task assigned

Live Chat is set up and configured for leads generation

WhatsApp Business account is approved (by Meta) and configured for leads generation

Website “visit to leads” conversion is maximized with Chatbots and CTAs optimizations


The initial “Leads per month” objective is reached 

Key Metrics


⬆Chat Leads 

⬆WhatsApp Leads

⬆Own team Leads

⬆Conversion rate Optimization

Progress meeting


4x (weekly)

4x (weekly)

4x (weekly) 

3x (Monthly)


What part does Web1on1 play?

A Web1on1 expert will work with you from start to finish to orchestrate the success of the Impact Program.

Our role will be to:

  • Project manage the Impact Program 
  • Configure your Web1on1 account to your specifications
  • Set up lead-to-CRM or LMS integration
  • Share best practices of successful customers (and pitfalls)
  • Provide a list of actionable items for you to apply at each stage. 

Examples of realistic goals of the Impact Program:

  • Traffic-to-chat conversion of 0.6%
  • Chat-to-lead conversion of 60%
  • Lead-to-car sold conversion of 22%

Your role in the Impact Program:

  • Appoint an in-company Champion who will:
      • Act as the project manager
      • Execute assigned tasks within agreed time frame
      • Participate in meetings
  • Appoint Executive Sponsor 
    A senior manager who will support the project and remove any roadblocks along the way.

How much time will the Champion need to commit?

The entire Impact Program will be a time investment by your Champion of an estimated total of 24 hours within a six-month period, consisting of 12 hours of meetings plus 12 hours of coordinating internal actions.

The result? At the end of the program, your chat lead generation will run on autopilot, and you will be capable of tracking progress and making adjustments.

How will the project be run?

You will be given access to an online project management platform to co-ordinate actions and track progress. During our meetings, we will guide you through the progress and next steps. 

Program cost

  • Six monthly instalments of Euro €600, or
  • Save 15% with a one-time upfront payment of Euro €3000

You can order the Lead Generation Impact Program via the Plans or Plans & Billing section of the messaging app.