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Facebook Messenger - How to connect multiple Facebook pages

This article will explain how to connect multiple Facebook Pages to the Web1on1 platform

When you have multiple Facebook pages, it is possible to connect them all to Web1on1 Platform. In the following steps we will show you how to do this. 

Step 1: (Prerequisite) Activate your Facebook Messenger channel

Check our guide "Facebook Messenger - How to Connect"

Step 2: Create “your messenger link”

Creating your messenger link is an (easy) manual task. The format is m.me/YourFacebookPageUsername

For example, if your Facebook page is “www.facebook.com/web1on1/”.  Then, your messenger link will be “m.me/web1on1”. 

Step 3: Visit your Facebook page and Edit your button

As an admin, visit the Facebook page which is already connected to the Web1on1 platform and click on "Edit YOUR BUTTON NAME" and in the list, click on "Edit'' (see following screenshot)

Screenshot of Web1on1 _ Facebook (5)

Step 4: Choose “contact us” from the list of available buttons 

Screenshot of Web1on1 _ Facebook (7)

Step 5: Copy/paste your previously created Messenger link

And click on "Save" 

Screenshot of Web1on1 _ Facebook (9)

Step 6: And that's it!

Your customers and prospects can now start a chat with you from the "Contact Us" Button

You can repeat (from Step 3) this process for every Facebook page you want to connect to the Web1on1 Platform.

Screenshot of Web1on1 - Home _ Facebook (2)

Need help?  Contact our Support Team via our Help Center Chatbot

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