Email Channel - add a custom email address

Web1on1 is all about unified messaging channels, but email can serve as an important backup channel

What if you only caught the email on your first contact. In these cases reaching out through conversational email, with the goal to pull the contact back into the conversation can be very effective.

Standard Messaging Email provided

Web1on1 provides you with a default email address, linked to your Web1on1 Account, and dedicated for messaging.

It is formatted as follows:


Where displayname is set in your organisation configuration. 


Custom email address?

Do you want to have an email dedicated to messaging with your own company domain? Ask your Web1on1 Account Manager to provision it for you. 

Conversational Email FAQs

I sent an email to and it initiated a new chat to which I was able to respond. How do Web1on1 customers manage this if they're using their own email address, say, Clearly all emails sent to that address will initiate a new chat...

It's best to use an email address to be used specifically for conversational email, such as This does not replace a company's email infrastructure with CS email.

Web1on1 provides what we call conversational email. Conversational email is mainly there to be able to reach out if email is the only touchpoint available. The aim should be to direct the conversation back to messaging channels. In the meantime, while emailing back-and-forth, each email is represented as a message in the message stream.


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