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Step 11: Ordering Professional Support

Need our help? Call upon our professionals at any time

If you need help configuring any aspect of the chat services on your Automated Messaging Platform,  you can call upon our professional Web1on1 experts at any time.  To do so, go to our support product from the Shop section of your Plans & Billing page from the left-hand navigation panel. Our team will contact you and book a meeting to understand your needs and adapt the relevant configuration.

Different pricing models: 



Prerequisite: Your payment method and billing details are entered (more info: Plans & Billing page)

Details and prices

See page Web1on1 Products and Services Catalog (section "Professional Services")

Your AMP Expert will agree the required hours needed upfront so you can order the support via the Plans and Billing section.

Need help?  Contact our Support Team via our Help Center Chatbot

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