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Step 10: Guided tour for chat agents

Take the guided tour and get to know everything about accepting chats

Now that your organization is configured and you know the basics of the admin role, it's time to learn more about using the platform to accept chats.

We have prepared a series of training videos you can access via the platform itself by going to the left hand navigation bar and clicking on the Circle with a Question Mark icon (1) and then clicking Start Guided Tour (2).


Here you can learn all about:

  • Accepting incoming chats

  • The different statuses of chats

  • Editing contact fields

  • Creating a result

  • Configuring your personal preferences

  • Starting chats with a new contact

  • Sending and receiving photos, videos and documents

  • Searching for contacts and chats

  • Forwarding a chat to a colleague or department

  • Team chat

  • Ask a colleague to join the chat

  • Following contacts and chats

  • Creating and using canned responses

  • Liking and commenting results.

Advanced - for Sales advisors:

  • Using WhatsApp for business instead of Private WhatsApp

  • Incoming chat - WhatsApp button Website

  • Incoming chat - Hot lead forwarded by a colleague

  • Showing car to consumer using Videomeet

  • Sales Advisors - Sending files to consumer

  • Follow-up calls and Happy Calls via WhatsApp

Advanced - for Service advisors (After-Sales):

  • Introduction to Web1on1 Aftersales

  • Making contact with client

  • Status update - Extra work found

  • Status update - Car not ready

  • Status update - Car is ready

  • Status update - Sending payment link

Stop & continue later
You can re-open the guided tour at anytime (Help > Start guided tour) and then use the right panel to select any video

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